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Laura Ingraham: Biden’s ‘nice guy’ image is the ‘Trojan horse’ the far left needs

Laura hit J J right between the eyes with her assessment of the fraud.

 “They want us to embrace, in the end, a false sense of decency with Biden, a fake dignity being peddled by a man who, despite his Grandpa Joe act, is still just Nasty Joe from Scranton when he’s exposed.”

I have one question that keeps coming back to me. If J J was the political stud he professes to be; WHY he didn’t make things right in this country during the 47 years he has been in politics, 8 of which he was the vice president. Many of the issues that now exist, he is breaking Trump’s balls about, he claims he will rectify, are conditions that existed while he sat in the 2nd seat. Why didn’t he do something then??

I think Laura is being kind when she calls J J the trojan horse; I would prefer to call him a horse’s ass.

Ladies and gents; I would be lying if I didn’t say crime, deception and deceit in politics is rampant on all sides of the fence. They will do anything and promise everything just to get the vote. After they get into office, they all develop a bad case of amnesia.

In the big scheme of things J J, just happens to be one of the worst of the worst. The guy is as crooked, dirty and deceitful as they come; with most of his habit have trickled down to The Brat.

J J really isn’t trying to protect The Brat in all of this turmoil, he is trying to save his own ass.

See the source image

Is Trump much better?? Let me say this about that. He certainly has a lot of hang up and most probably pulled a lot of shots in his life. No one ammsses a fortune as he has and stays clean.

If we thought the 1st debate between J J and PDT was a joke, wait until Thursday night.

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