When imbeciles make bad decisions ……

Defund your Ma Ma!! How is that working out for you?? Pay me now or much more later.

The fools that govern Portland defunded the police department and got rid of a lot of necessary cops. Low and behold; the brilliant decision of theirs came back and bit them in their ass, big time.


These fools still insist on calling the anarchists behavior, who are killing – burning – beating up innocent citizens – looting protests and not riots. Another example of their demented mentality.

The cops that were not eliminated had to work 100’s – 1,000’s of hours of overtime to try and control the rioters, resulting in ……

According to records:

Police Officer Salary in Portland, OR – Indeedwww.indeed.com › … › Police Officer › Salaries

Aug 20, 2020 — … for a Police Officer is $65,633.00 per year in Portland, OR.

With all of the over time they had to put in to fill the void of the cops eliminated, the time and a half and doubled time increased some cops pay almost 4 times what they make normally, about 140,000.00$, to 200,000,00$ give or take a nickle.

Are the fools that made these decisions to defund the cops held accountable for their blunders?? Hell no. The OT should come out of their checks, then fire them.

Needless to say; in some shape or form, the preposterous decisions to defund or cut the cops out all together has/will come back to haunt these cities big time.

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The recent push to defund police departments sweeping the country is not without precedent. In fact, it’s already been tried in one of America’s largest cities – San Francisco. The effects of …

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1 day ago · They’re learning that defunding the police results in increased crime. Who knew? The Minneapolis City Council was in the forefront of the defund the police idiocy at its inception, even calling to abolish the police. So, their running headlong into a reality wall probably brought a smirk to many cops

There are certain elements that are necessary for any society to function properly; the boys and girls in blue are one of the key elements. Without them, eventually, we all will be ……

Scottish Fishermen will be up a brexit river without a paddle! -

The proof is staring them in the face, BUTT they are too stubborn and ignorant to reverse their positions. What will it eventually take??

If nothing else – if nothing for no other reason; when you go to the polls remember one very important thing.; J J (Jokin Joe) and Car-mella are one of them. Vote them in and hold on to your skivvies, it is going to be a very bumpy ride.

I really don’t know if this insanity is ever going to die down and go away. If I had to guess, I would stamp it a BIG NEGATIVE. In the past few years, the left has gained more and more strength, supported by the parasites that believe in issues like Universal Income. touted by some heavy hitter like TMC. Just a bunch of voter solicitation bullshit to get the votes. If no one works and everyone gets a paycheck, where do the funds come from to run the country.?? When that brilliant fool Occasio was AXED where the money would come from to run fund those kind of pipe dreams; she did not have an answer, but said; we will find a way.

Image result for occasio senator eyes
It is all in the eyes – they are both nuts

Crime Soars in NYC’s Upper East Side as Dems Move to …


Aug 05, 2020 · Over the last week in New York City, shooting incidents have skyrocketed by 220 percent compared to the same week last year, increased by 194.1 percent compared to the same 28-day period last year, and increased 68.6 percent year-to-date compared to 2019. The number of shooting victims has hiked tremendously due to the spike in shootings.

Murders in New York City increased by 76% in September …


Oct 02, 2020 · Murders in New York City increased by 76% in September compared to last year and shootings skyrocketed by 127%, new crime statistics reveal NYPD released new citywide crime statistics

Do you think that imbeciles like De Blasio care about the end results of their bad decision making?? Think again; if he did, he would reverse his decision and get the fired cops back on the job. Warren is not hurting himself by his poor decision making, he is hurting/killing the citizens of NY and probably sleeps very well at night.

In the perfect world, there would be no crime and no need for cops; BUTT this is not how it is and never will be. Cops are one of the major necessities/element that make our cities run smoothly – safely by maintaining law and order.

Shit can the rogue or prosecute them when a law is broken – eliminate crime and our problems will be solved.

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