Women against Trump ?????

Women’s marches storm NY, DC and LA protesting Trump, ACB despite social distancing mandates


AYSM!! Women against Trump?? Are the ladies in this country blind to J J’s misbehavior with women?? What the hell are these ladies looking at?? Especially little girls.

Opinion: That time Joe Biden came in close, put his forehead on mine - The  Morning Call
Image result for biden mauling women
Image result for biden mauling women
Watch Joe Biden give an endless hug to Hillary Clinton - CNN Video
Getting a little too close to the hooters J J

The off base biased of the media is nothing but blatant absurdity. If I were a betting man, I would wager J J has had more out-of-line incidents with the ladies against him than PDT does. But because the media is so biased and one sided, they have shied away from going after J J as part of the plot to defeat PDT.

If we are supposed to be a fair and impartial society (which we are not) it should be an even playing field between both candidates. The media should be reporting the good and the negative issues concerning both sides equally.

When is the first time or the last time we have seen any of the media, with the exception of possibly Fox, put the bad rap on Biden for anything. Although, yesterday I was very surprised that a reporter from CBS was trying to hold J J’s feet to the fire over his kid and the Ukraine deals. Naturally; J J got very upset and refused to answer the questions.

I am I pro-Trump?? You betcha; but there have been many times I have chastised him for his behavior. I strongly believe in fair reporting.

Partiality is never going to change, but honesty and fairness should be a strong consideration, especially in an election as critical as this. Put the facts on the table and let the public decide.

Will Hillary Clinton answer one more siren call? - Washington Times

If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and acts like a at …….

The guy is totally out of line but CHC seems to be enjoying it.

Trump continues bizarre appeals to suburban women as he campaigns in Covid hotspots


Follow up: As much as I try to defend the man, I still say he is his own worst enemy. In many circumstances Trump continues to shoot himself in the foot by his off the wall comments. A comment as trivial as this could cost him the election.

Providing CNN is accurate with their account of the incident (they have been known to stretch the truth where Trump is concerned); this is what Trump allegedly said at a rally last night in an attempt to try and win the women’s vote.

“Would you like a nice low-income housing project next to your suburban beautiful ranch style house? Generally speaking, no,” Trump said in Muskegon.”I saved your suburbs — women — suburban women, you’re supposed to love Trump,” he said.

WOOOOOWWWW!! Will he ever learn?? If that is not a turn off, I don’t know what is. How many times does anyone keep making the same mistake over and over BUTT never learns?? That GIGANTIC EGO of his is a killer.

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