Who can possibly blame them ……

NYPD woes mount: Patrol chief’s sudden retirement part of ‘troubling’ exodus


Who can possibly blame them?? They didn’t sign up to be used and abused . The good ones signed up to serve and protect not to have bottled thrown at them, spit on, shot up killed, have firebombs thrown at them and whatever Despicable act these anarchists bastards can.

To make matters 1000% worse, the mayors and governors in some of these cities and states where the rioting is taken place the y are not supporting their policemen. Instead they are defunding them and for the most part are taking their authority away.

What does the mayor of the Big Apple do while all of these lawbreakers are going nuts?? He sits there with his thumb up his ass, admiring how nice the fools from his city are playing hopscotch. Warren Wilham (AKA Bill Deblasio) has to be one of the most out of touch, ignorant people on the planet. He has to be related to the mayors of Portland and Seattle. There can not be that many ignorant people in this country that do not come from the same family.

Taking into consideration being used and abused and not being able to defend themselves in the proper manner, many of the good cops have decided to pull the plug. Who the hell can blame them??

The ironic part this whole scenario just a handful of roll out of control cops that have been the catalyst for all these riots.

Sooner or later this entire scenario was bound to come to a head. Considering the crime rate in the black community, a subject many of their leaders, it seem do not want to address, put that together with some out of control rogue cops, what we have is the perfect storm.

It would not surprise me in the least if this pattern will go nationwide. Added to the retirement issue, how in their right mind would join the police force?? If some drastic changes are not made, the USA is going to look like Lebanon at war. In many areas, it does resemble it already.

Israel's Second Lebanon War remains a resounding failure - Israel News -  Haaretz.com

The election is right around the corner. If the right person is not elected, we have yet to see the fireworks start. Without the police to keep order, the handwriting is on the wall. Be smart enough to read the wall and vote for PDT. Is he the best of the best?? Hell no, but in some areas, he is the best of the worst.

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