J J may have gone to the wall too many times for The Brat ……..

Tucker Carlson: The Joe Biden story Twitter and Facebook don’t want you to read


It was always my understanding Twitter and Facebook (the most dangerous thing on the planet) were created to be social networks, where fools that did not have anything better to do with their lives, blabbed all of their personal information on the internet for all the world to see (I am going out of town for a few weeks, if you want to rob my house the key is under the flower box). The passing of personal information has gotten so far out of control, the fools even text and post to catalog their bowel movements. 0830 folks; I am taking my morning dump!!

Do you use your phone when you're sitting on the toilet? This is why it's a  really bad idea - Mirror Online

Both Twitter and Facebook have become so powerful, they influence many of the ways their groupies think and act. Even our president is addicted to Tweety Bird.

Tweety Bird on a cellphone | Tweety, Tweety bird quotes, Betty boop pictures

Instead of maintaining their websites for innocuous social activities, they have become heavily involved in politics and in many ways, very dangerous to the people that use it.

As far as their involvement in the political arena, they should maintain a neutral position and not favor one side over the other.

In this case, they withholding pertinent information about J J’s brat that can be very detrimental to J J in the election. In doing so, they are supporting J J (Jokin Joe Biden) and not publishing what is very harmful news that is following this guy around like a starving dog looking for a bone.

Even though it is black and white and documented to the hilt; J J has vehemently denied any involvement in his kid financial affairs in Ukraine or otherwise. If the man lies about something like this, what else is he lying about? I say everything.

Even the Catholic religion have given him a thumbs down.

Catholic priest says he denied Joe Biden Holy Communion at …


Oct 29, 2019 · Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina on Sunday morning because of his views on abortion, a priest said in a statement.

J J has been spoiling The Brat ever since he was a kid, bailing him out of one jackpot after the other; many times using his political positions as leverage to shakedown to get what they were after.

I know that the majority of people would like to help their kids get a leg up in the business world. That is all well and good; but to the extent that J J has gone is way past acceptable.

Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired …www.youtube.com › watch

Sep 20, 2019 — The date typo on the opening screen is corrected below: In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, in his investigation of corruption …

The prosecutor was working on a corruption case to take down the company The Brat was working for ( or should I say shakingdown). As compensation for his efforts (that were minimal) The Brat was paid 50,000$ a month. Here we have a guy getting paid 50 G’s a month from an gas and oil company that has a problem finding his gas tank on his car when he fills up.

To top it all off; J J and The Brat denied any of this took place. J J was on the pad for big buck$ as well.

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties ‘awkward’ but impact on US policy …www.theguardian.com › us-news › sep › hunter-biden-…

Sep 23, 2020 — Republicans call role of Joe Biden’s son on board of energy company ‘problematic’ as Democrats paint report as effort to damage Trump rival.
The life of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued middle …www.businessinsider.com › Politics › News

Sep 24, 2019 — Hunter was mentioned by Trump in the debate for his business dealings, including his connections with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma …
Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption – Senate Homeland …www.hsgac.senate.gov › doc › Ukraine Report_FINAL

Sep 18, 2020 — and over the course of the next several years, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were paid millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch …

It takes a very unscrupulous person/people to continue to deny facts that are accurately documented. This is exactly what the Bidens have done. Lie after lie after lie to try and conceal their unlawful activities.

The Brat used his old man’s influence as V P for financial gain. When dealing with his Ukraine connections an dother, he referred to J J , as MY GUY! Sounds like something out of a cheap mobster movie. BUTT that is probably what The Brat saw/sees in himself as, a mobster with some huge connections behind him. That was accurate, until it all came crashing down on them.

The life of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued middle …www.businessinsider.com › Politics › News

Sep 24, 2019 — Into adulthood, Hunter Biden became known for his tumultuous personal life. the bidens. Beau Biden, Hunter Biden, and Ashley Biden while Joe …

Hunter Biden’s tumultuous personal life became tabloid fodder during and after his father’s time with the administration. He sparked confusion when he, then 44 years old, enlisted in the Navy Reserves in 2012, less than two years before reports broke that the Reserve discharged him in 2014 after he tested positive for cocaine.

The life of Hunter BidenJoe Biden’s scandal-plagued …


The one that really blows my socks off is. When The Brat’s brother died, The Brat began shacking up with his dead brothers wife. To top it off, J J and his wife gave the couple their blessings. I have always tried to figure out if the kids called him Uncle Brat or Daddy Brat??

Image result for Hunter Biden and sister inlaw

That sure as hell isn’t saying much for this broad. Fools of a feather, shack up together.

The life of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued …


Hunter Biden’s tumultuous personal life became tabloid fodder during and after his father’s time with the administration. He sparked confusion when he, then 44 years old, enlisted in the Navy…

Again to get out of yet another dilemma, J J tried tried to hide his kid out, then 44 years old, way past the age limit for enlistment (who is going to say no to the V P of the USA) in the Navy until the heat died down and possible help straighten The Brat out. Pete – repeat, The Brat got the boot from the Navy because he was a drug addict.

As karma may have it; BAD MEMORY OR STUPIDITY??

See the source image

Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop mirrors troubled life …www.washingtontimes.com › news › oct › hunter-biden…

10 hours ago — At the time Hunter Biden’s laptop reportedly sat unclaimed at a Delaware … presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden was living a tumultuous life, …

At the time Hunter Biden’s laptop reportedly sat unclaimed at a Delaware repair shop, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden was living a tumultuous life, including facing a paternity lawsuit from an exotic dancer.

The repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, told The New York Post a man who he cannot identify left the MacBook Pro in April 2019. He never returned, and Mr. Isaac eventually took custody. He gave a download of the contents to the FBI and President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, who provided the data to the Post.

The chain of events raises the question of how someone — Mr. Biden, an associate or someone else — could forget about or knowingly discard a computer containing tens of thousands of emails that tell tales of lucrative foreign cash transactions. The hard drive also held explicit sex scenes involving drugs.

Yet – yet – yet, J J is still going to the wall for The Brat he created; denying The Brat has exacted any wrongdoing.

As the old stories go folks; we can run butt we can not hide – sooner or later the Pied Piper comes around to collect what is due him – you can fool some of the people some of the time, butt not all the people all of the time, sooner or later the truth will surface and bite you in the ass.

Image result for bite you int the ass

For Twitter and Facebook (the most dangerous thing on the planet) try to suppress information as critical as this; it is totally unacceptable.

UPDATE: 10/16/2020

Twitter announces new policies after Hunter Biden report imbroglio

The social media giant became the story when it reportedly decided to block a story

A top policy executive at Twitter announced policy changes at the social media giant late Thursday after the company faced its toughest allegations yet of censorship in order to protect Democratic candidates.

Now we will wait and see what Facebook (the most dangerous thing on the planet) does.

This should put a few nails in J J’s political coffin. BUTT again; stupidity always has a big following.

The two gigantic social networks are just two other vengeful entities that are trying to bring down Trump. Like religion; they should be neutral. Tell it exactly as it is or, STFU!!

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