Nasty doin what she does best – being nasty ……

Nancy Pelosi calls CNN’s Wolf Blitzer an ‘apologist’ for the ‘Republican position’ in tense interview

The old broad sure isn’t doing her party any favors with her refusal to pass the stimulus package just bust PDT’s balls. That way in the end; Nasty will put the mink coat of Trump. When the WOLF-MAN put her on the spot, her true out of control Italian character t/emper flared up and she showed her ass.

Love Wide Open - They only care about themselves. | Facebook

Gotta wonder how henpecked he old man is??

All about Nancy Pelosi's husband- Paul Pelosi - TheNetline

People like N N have no regard for anyone but themselves. As long and she can keep stuffing her mouth with capicola and salami, she could care less if anyone else gets to the buffet table.

I wonder if she flosses??

How to Floss Your Teeth | Encore Dental | Port Coquitlam

I said this way back when. Many of the whore deals and backdoor shenanigans the socio-democrats try to pull to make PDT look bad, only backfire in their face.

Experiment Backfires Into This Scientists Face Stock Illustration 97823189

Message to Nasty Nan: Keep it up girl; your ignorance and illogical-obsession to put the screws to PDT has only come back to bite you in your ass, but you are too numb to feel it it.

Possible Trump should put you on his payroll; since you are doing such a stellar job of making him look good.

As long and she can keep stuffing her mouth with capicola and salami, she could care less if anyone else can get to the buffet table. If the ultra-liberal WOLF-MAN has a problem with N N, they are in dire straits.

Possibly there is still some hope for the other side to come around.

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