Huge news ….

Michigan man receives 13 stitches after slicing his hand on razor blades attached to a Trump-Pence sign

Wow; stop the presses – CNN has a huge scoop.

CNN must have missed the story last week. Some guy got Mister Jones (his pecker) stuck in his zipper when he was in a hurry to make his exit after pissing on a Trump poster. He had to bribe his buddy to help him out by promising to buy him a extra pizza with the works, once a week for a year.

Image result for penis stuck in zipper

It seems the big fella forgot or never heard of the saying; NEVER PISSULATE WHERE YOU MASTICATE. The lesson was a little expensive, BUTT a lesson well learned.

It makes me sleep better at night knowing media like CNN are on top of on the hottest topics.

I wonder who they are going to bad rap after Trump wins the election??

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