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San Francisco tax revenue plunge points to resident exodus

Sales tax revenues declined by more than 40% this spring

The city want to put the entire blame for the exodus on Mr Corona, but the living conditions probably have more to do with their than not.

You reap what you sow – you only get out of something what you put into it – etc – etc – etc.

They asked for a liberal government and a liberal lifestyle; the San Franers have it and are paying a dear price for it.

San Francisco "Poop Patrollers" Make $185,000 | NeoGAF
On the Streets of San Francisco, Homelessness, Tents, and Misery
Image result for shitting and pissing in San Francisco streets

City workers are cleaning up the shit and piss off of the streets while one of their illustrious residents is taking his daily nap at the San Fran Hilton.

On the Streets of San Francisco, Homelessness, Tents, and Misery

I don’t know if the liberal leaders of this country will ever learn; without law and order present any kind of assemblance cannot be achieved by being overly liberal. The proof is in the pudding or is it the poop.

Now; this once beautiful tourists attraction is shot to hell because the city’s father and mothers let it spiral out of control, causing its tax paying residents to get their hats and bonnets, fleeing the city. Sales tax revenues declined by more than 40% this spring.

Not only are the residents getting out of Dodge, the tourists, one of the city’s biggest money makers are shying away as well.

Tell me; what fool tourist would spend their hard earned money having to dodge cow-pies scattered all of the area, wear a clothespin on their nose to ward off the smell, and being harassed by the vagrants??

Paul Robins on Twitter: "I've decided to wear a clothespin on my nose when  I vote next week. Anybody want to join me? #ClothespinVoter… "

San Fran is the extreme example of liberal government, but left unattended many cities will wind up having these similar conditions. I have said this so many time; society cannot exist without out the proper disciplined and structure.

Things are so bad, Tony Bennett won’t even visit.

Life is all about doing the right things. Ultra-liberalism is not the way to go. Pay me now or pay me later.

Who is the most liberal person in America?? None other than Car-mell Harris. Coupling her up with J J (Jokin Joe) who is on the borderline of incompetence, if elected (doubtful) there are going to be more and more cities in the same shape San Fran is.

You Asked For It |

Folks, structure, discipline as well as law and order are paramount in successful societies.

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