Perfect or sacrificial lamb?????

How Joe Biden is actually a good politician


Democrats spent the primary season trying to find the perfect candidate to take on President Donald Trump.

In the minds of some, they ended up “settling” on former Vice President Joe Biden.While Democrats may have “settled”, it seems that Biden has ended up being a good candidate for the moment. He’s stayed out of Trump’s way and in doing so has built a large lead with under a month to go before the election.

Staying out of Trump’s way?? I would classify J J lack of balls and activity as hiding out. He is playing it safe because he knows he is no match for Trump with face to face debates. That is the reason J J wants to have a virtual debate and PDT refuses.

The perfect candidate?? If J J is perfection, I hate to see what the socio/democrats consider and foul ball. J J may be the only candidate that would accept sacrificial lamb terms to get the 1st black female president into office??? No one can convince me that this has not been a very big consideration and may be a possibility.

Brutal, Huh??

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