Talk about outright abuse …..

I watch the documentary about the Indian Nation on Amazon and was appalled at what I saw. I knew the Americans Indians got a raw deal from the US government, but never in my wildest dreams could conceive the magnitude as to what I saw. They were used, abused, mistreated, slaughtered and their food supply destroyed. If there is any nationality or race that has the right to have a massive vendetta/hard-on against the USA, it is absolutely the Indians.

Genocide by Other Means: U.S. Army Slaughtered Buffalo in Plains Indian Wars
Pile of skeleton bone of slaughtered buffalo

Were Bison Slaughtered to Starve American Indians … › article › were-bison-slaught…

Apr 22, 2016 — Were Bison Slaughtered to Starve American Indians? … The animals’ numbers, in the tens of millions when Europeans arrived on the … made transporting them easier; a burgeoning market thus inspired more buffalo hunters. … who, you know, already lived out there—made it a policy to slaughter the bison, …

That was just one incident in a long line of mistreatments, all because they refused to live on the reservation after the government stole their land from them. Yet through all of their abuse and mistreatment resulting in the slaughter/death of 10’s of 1,000’s of Indians, they still remained loyal to the USA and served as CODE TALKERS and other capacities valiantly in WW II. It is speculated without the Code Talkers, the USA may have lost WW II.

code talker | Definition, Significance, & Facts | Britannica

Code talker, any of more than 400 Native American soldiers—including AssiniboinCherokeeCheyenneChoctawComancheCreeCrowFoxHopiKiowaMenomineeNavajoOjibwaOneidaOsagePawneeSaukSeminole, and Sioux men—who transmitted sensitive wartime messages by speaking their native languages, in effect using them as codes. In both World War I and World War II, but especially the latter, the code talkers provided U.S. forces with fast communications over open radio waves, knowing that the enemy was unable to break the code. By all accounts the service of the code talkers was crucial to winning World War II in the Pacific theatre.

In battle, the Indians communicated with one another in their native tongue that totally confused the enemy that could not decipher what they were saying.

It is nothing short of remarkable, even after being abused the way they were, their loyalty and patriotism to the USA still was unwavering.

I was absolutely appalled at what I saw in the documentary as to how their food chain was destroyed and how the Indian population was slaughtered. Next to the Holocaust it may have been one of the most egregious crimes against mankind by mankind.

Bison hunting – › wiki › Bison hunting

Bison hunting was an activity fundamental to the economy and society of the Plains Indians … To Plains Indians, the buffalo was one of the most sacred animal, and they felt … Eighteen out of 30 prominent Poncas were killed in a surprise attack in 1824, … In the 16th century, North America contained 25–30 million buffalo.

If you want to see what real injustice and abuse is all about, I would recommend everyone watch this series THE AMERICA WEST.

My hat is off to the CODE TALKERS and all the rest of the Indian nation for their contribution and loyalty to the USA. This is just one of many times in the history of the USA where there is absolutely no excuse the government can make for the treatment of its people. HIDDEN AND FORGOTTEN SECRETS!!

A big Semper Fi to all of the Code talking Marines and other Indian service members that saved the USA. Without them, we all may be eating with chopsticks.

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