It would be an insult to the animals ….

Chicago violence: 3 dead, 34 shot in weekend

Chicago recorded its deadliest September in over 25 years, a report said

To say that the fools involved in these killing and shootings are animals, that would be an insult to the animal world.

I don’t know if there is one world adequate enough to describe these savages (savages may be a good word). It seems to me that they are in a contest to see who can shoot or kill more people than the other side. A contest they are both winning.

All of this out of control behavior is a result of years of neglect in maintaining law and order. Like the little snowball that is rolling down the mountain. If it is not stopped, by the time it reaches the bottom of the hill it has grown into an unmanageable sphere.

57.Idiom – Snowball effect | Immersion in English - Makes You Perfect

The snowball effect seems to have encompassed so many different facets of your lives that have gone completely out of control, it is shameful. Drugs – porno – gangs – sexual abuse by supposedly trust people and communities ( Religious predators – Boy Scouts etc.) promiscuity – the list is endless. ALLLLLL as a result of neglect.

Conditions at all levels are never going to get back under control unless we return back to the basics of good clean living – respect for one another – EDUCATION; none of these do I see imminent. The snow ball has rolled too far too long, got so big it may be beyond management.

The ONLY way to clean the slate is to start from scratch, from the beginning and implement OLD SCHOOL values that were once a very big part of our society.

All of the deficits I mentioned are not a conspiracy theory, but all a part of the gigantic master plan for the scumbags of the earth, degenerates like Soro and company to exact their takeover. When the time comes, and apple on the tree is ripe enough, our society is so weak and beyond the point of no return, that is when they come in and make their final assault.

There are some fools out there that take my forecast/speculation lightly; but I will tell you, without a leader like PDT, no matter how bad he has been in certain areas, his mentality and vision of running the country is our passage to stay out of the grave.

So you think I am just pulling my opinion out of thin air????

The Decline of Morality in America | Fox News

May 27, 2004 · The secularists have succeeded in drastically changing the moral tone in this country. And 80 percent of us see that change as a bad thing. However, there’s no mass outcry about it.

Changing morals: we’re more compassionate than 100 years ……

  • Moral psychologists know a lot about how people today vary in their moral thinking, but they have largely ignored how moral thinking has changed historically. As cultures evolve and societies develop, people’s ways of thinking about good and evil also transform. The nature of that transformation is a matter of speculation. One narrative suggests our recent history is one of de-moralisation. On this view, our societies have become progressively less prudish and judgmental. We have become more accepting of …

Many people claim that changes are for the better. In some cases I will agree, but in the morality and behavioral departs I disagree. I have expounded on this subject many times since I started pounding the key with the Goomba Gazette. 50 -60 years ago we did not have all of this unacceptable disruption in our society. For the most part, the ideals that immigrant brought over from the OLD COUNTRY made the cornerstone of the USA. Little by little, the conspirators that wanted control of the country did not like law and order or morality. Inch by inch they began interjecting their poison into our way of life. I will agree, years back we had pockets of degenerate behavior, but not of the explosive magnitude we have today. The permissive snowball has been getting big and bigger as it rolls down the hill of time.

I keep making reference to this despicable article written by Teen Vogue, using it as an example of the deterioration of our society. Anytime anyone can classify this trash as freedom of the press, I know we have gone too far left.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it. Anyone – anyone – anyone that will insist this is not filth can hold hands with the degenerates that wrote the article.

Anal Sex Guide for Beginners – How to Have Anal Sex – Anal …

Jul 20, 2020 · In sex educator Tristan Taormino’s crazy-helpful Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, she mentions that Crisco has been a favorite of the LGBTQ+ …

a guide to anal sex image with illustration of reproductive organs.

Shame on these degenerate pigs.

I know that kids are going to experiment in many different ways, sexually and otherwise as they grow older. I feel it should be up to them to as what direction they want to take. They do not need some 3rd rate magazine giving them blow by blow instructions on how to engage in anal intercourse. This is what the degenerates call freedom of the press. I call it abuse of the press. It is all part of the big scheme for the TAKEOVER and destruction of the USA.

I can’t not remember who said this years back; we will destroy and take over the USA without firing a bullet!!

If society does not demolish the ever increasing size of the snowball; fa-get-about-it, we are doomed. My heart bleeds for the kids growing up in this filth and do not know any better.

Save this post and read it in 10 years. If we continue to go down this dirty road and I expect we will, sooner or later, you will see how on the spot I am. All of these sistations I make reference to are intertwined.

As far as the violence goes in Chi Town, it is all a result of their snowball effect. They let it roll too long and it got too big to manage.

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