1,000% YES!!!!!!

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The bill should be passed internationally.

Aside from the degenerates that abuse people, these bastards are right next to them as low-lifes on the human food chain.

How can anyone be so heartless to desecrate animals this way??

Trafficking great ape body parts in Cameroon | Cameroon News | Al Jazeera

It is one thing to kill an animal for its food source, but for a trophy or to sell is unconscionable.

I say tit-for tat, an eye for an eye, is good way to get the message across; but laws on the books do not serve a purpose if they are not enforced. That also applies to the human element side of the enforcing laws.

I say the executions should be televised live so the message gets out there quicker and some potential poachers will see the authorities mean business.

What good is a law if not enforced??

Pass this post on to your friends. There is strength in unity.

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