Speak to them in a language they understand …..

Gotta fine their ignorant ass and throw them in jail for a couple of weeks. Then possibly they will get the hint.

Coronavirus live updates: Boston won’t enter next phase of reopening after spike in cases

Image result for Coronavirus Spreading States in the Us

One of the major culprits in this nation wide dilemma are the self-centered fools that refuse to wear a mask where it is appropriate and to maintain social distancing. The idiots think Mr Corona is nothing but a f-in joke.

I could care less about the health and welfare about the knuckleheads that don’t obey the rules, it is the safety of the rule followers that may get sick and die because of the ignorance of these fools.

Image result for bikers rally 2020
Image result for 75th Sturgis Bike Rally
Image result for crowded beaches 2020

Come on folks; GMAFB. How intelligent does one have to be to know that conditions like this in many cases result in severe illness and sometime are a death sentence??

I blame the city fathers of places like Sturgis and other communities that allow the rallies. Then I blame the attendees. But I know, if they did not gather in Sturgis, it would be somewhere else. Totally irrational.

Situations like these only reinforce the ignorance and stupidity of mankind.

I said so many times; mankind is destroying itself and this is only one of many good example. Sooner or later the Pied Piper comes around to collect what is due him.

Image result for pied piper collects what is due him

In The Pied Piper of Hamelin retold by Diane Suire for the A Classic Tale series the piper returns the children after the parents have paid in tears equivalent to the number of coins they were supposed to pay, and then in gratitude the mayor freely offers the money that was supposed to be paid.

Come on folks; pull together in the same direction or you will be possibly signing yours and someone else’s death warrant.


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