They say that J J (Jokin Joe) is going to bet the farm ……

They say that J J (Jokin Joe) is going to bet the farm on his performances during the two debates. If that is what the democratic party is going all in on, they might as well throw in their towels right now.

The consensus of opinion is; they have kept him in hiding because, in the words of Sean Hannity; they believe that he is weak, he is frail and struggles cognitively, so his staff made a conscious decision to hide him throughout the summer not to embarrass the party. Possibly great strategy if he was running for leader of the Four H Club.

That in itself fortifies my opinion that Joe Biden is nothing but a sacrificial lamb used to get a black female in the second seat, then they are going to take him to slaughter when the times is right.

Joe Biden: Rothschild Masonic Crown Corporation "Left" SELECTION

Why in the name of good common sense or any other preposterous reason would the Socio/Democratic Party select a incompetent like him? By their own admission behind closed doors, he is extremely unqualified, has maybe 1/4 of his marbles, if it was just not to fill a gap on a temporary basis , just to get some fool in The Big Chair that is willing to sacrifice himself for the cause of the party?? It does not add up logically. BUTT who ever said they have any logic.

Remember, these are the people that are not willing to speak out against the rioting in this country. They like to call it; expressing their opinions. If that is the case, I would love to see the rioters express their opinions where the democratic party leaders live.

As bad as PDT is in some areas, elect J J and then see what bad really is.

Hold on to your hats, it is going to get nasty.

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