The Skeletons are rolling out of the closets …

This applies to both sides:

The skeletons will fall out of your closet | Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Going back 2 years or more I said; the only person that can beat PDT is PDT. The deeper we get into the election, the more dirt is going to be resurrected on both candidates. The bloodhounds on all sides are out in droves with gigantic trash excavators digging up any dirt they can. They brought The Big Boys in for this mission.

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The big bombshell in The New York Times tax returns story is, obviously, the fact that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in each 2016 and 2017 — and for 10 of the 15 previous years, paid no federal income taxes at all.

If The Donald got away with paying so little taxes and worked within the system of allowable deductions, more power to him, no foul. If he didn’t, and made some dishonest moves, has to pay the price. Chance of that are little to none. He has enough $oldi to drag it on until his great grandson runs for The Big Chair.

Why Does It Matter Where Trump Puts His Chairs? - The Atlantic

Let me drop a little titty-bit of information on all of you. There is not anyone that is worth over a billion or even the high millions that has not taken advantage system and even more probable, cut a few corners, in some cases had people murdered that was stepping on their toes. Hell; I am a poor man and found it HARD to behave. If I was worth what Donny is; there would be no one pounding these keys.

Another massive revelation contained in the Times’ reporting that isn’t getting nearly enough attention: Trump wrote off $26 million in unexplained “consulting fees” between 2010 and 2018, with almost $750,000 apparently going to his daughter, Ivanka, in one disclosure.

Ms. Trump reported receiving payments from a consulting company she co-owned, totaling $747,622, that exactly matched consulting fees claimed as tax deductions by the Trump Organization for hotel projects in Vancouver and Hawaii.

“Ms. Trump had been an executive officer of the Trump companies that received profits from and paid the consulting fees for both projects — meaning she appears to have been treated as a consultant on the same hotel deals that she helped manage as part of her job at her father’s business.

These are some heavy duty revelations that were bound to surface in this all out political war.

Unfortunately; we all have to pay for the sins we committed when we were younger, when we get older, in one way or another, through our health or our bank account; sometimes both. The secrets we thought were so far in our past, no one would ever find out; Guess what; for a bag of silver, mostly anyone would sell their soul and their mother to the devil.

The Payment of Judas Painting by Gerard Seghers

The way I see the debates going; it will not be so much as to who is qualified, it will be more about whose son did what and which one screwed Sally Jones when they were in college. I think both of the side are equally as guilty in that department.

Get out the vac trucks to suck up the blood.

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