From Fox News – Amy Coney Barrett confirmation: Inside the White House’s plan to deploy ‘knife fighters’ to defend nominee


What hell is the matter with the fools on BOOF side of the fence?? They all are going nuts.

Amy Coney Barrett confirmation: Inside the White House’s plan to deploy ‘knife fighters’ to defend nominee

If the sons of bitches are so desperate to off one another, they should call me; I have a few of my old acquaintances from the Mother And Fathers Italian Association (MAFIA) that have been out of work for a while and may be interested in a side gig.

Murder, Inc: The Rise And Fall Of New York City's Mafia Hitmen -  HistoryExtra

Maybe I could make a call and ask them if they’re interested in getting into a knife fight. But, let me warn the other side, my friends never take a stick to a knife fight.

These people are so unbelievably stupid to make a statement as they do, they are desperate and pathetic.

If I had to guess I would say their average IQ is probably an average of 48. The stupid things they say and do are just incomprehensible. Or if we put all of the brains together in one container, they would all barely fill up a thimble.

If this campaign is not an example of juvenile behavior I don’t know what is.

I can’t wait to see the blood shed tonight during the debates.

What really blows my mind is; after they insult the shit out of one another, call eachother everything but a white man, cut down the other sides family, talk about their Ma Ma, they hug and shake hands before and after the event.

Old School Yo Mamma Jokes | Cute kids, Mama jokes, Cute babies

Let us see if they break tradition.

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