Credibility ……

Atlanta activist spent $200G in Black Lives Matter donations on house, personal expenses:

Sir Maejor Page, 32, is facing fraud and money laundering charges.

Sirrrrr? Was this thief knighted by Queen Liz or some other royalty. Where the hell did he get the title. The title is a fraud just the thief using it.

Sir Maejor Page in the news | Albinos | Flickr

We can be assured; the further BLM is looked into, the more fraudulent activity they will find.

Page founded Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta in 2016 and this year took in more than $466,000 in donations in June, July and August. Nothing worse than a thief that is stealing from people that trusted them.

As I said so many times before; the majority of the people that are behind these movements are in it for personal gains. Just like the hustling holymen preachers who continually shout from their pulpit; keep them dead presidents comin in.

With thieves like Page as the BLM founder on the loose, it just shows the credibility of the BLM movement. BLM may have started out with good intentions, but like anything el$e, where there are big buck$ involved, the rats come running out of the woodwork to gobble up their piece of the pie.

Image result for the rats come out f the woodwork


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