These fools need a job ….

Mount Rushmore name change unlikely, despite proposal

A California resident has proposed changing the name of the monument to “Igmu Tanka Paha,” which means “Cougar Mountain,” TribLIVE reported on Friday. It was a name given to the mountain by the Lakota people, who also call it “Tunkasila Sakpe Paha,” meaning Six Grandfathers Mountain.

GMAFB fools. Empty minds are the devil’s workshop and that overwhelmingly applies to these nutcases.

Why don’t they devote some of their idle time and energy in cleaning up the streets in their towns, or erase some of the garfittie their poor unappreciated/neglected fool kids spray painted on the subway walls. Or possibly picking up the debris along the highways in the city. You know, something constructive.

Whenever I think there is nothing more stupid/ridiculous some fools can come up with, they make a liar out of me again.

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