There is only one thing they understand …..

Breonna Taylor protests: Suspect accused of shooting cops ID’d as Louisville sees nearly 100 arrests after grand jury decision

If the incident happened as written, and I have no cause to believe any different, Breonna Taylor was a victim of circumstances and did not deserve to die the way she died, by a gun happy cop. The

The aftermath of the incident has gone way out of proportion and more innocent people are going to get killed on account of it.

The gun happy cop that fired 10 shots blindly into the apartment has been brought up on charges. That can’t ever bring back a life, but it is showing the courts are reacting a lot different than in previous situations.

These anarchists need to be dealt with in a language they understand. They mistake kindness for stupidity. The only thing they respect is someone or something more violent than they are.

Even the idiots in Portland finally came to their senses admitting it was a bad decision they made in defunding the police.

Portland mayor realizes defunding police ‘was a mistake’: cop union leader

There is only one thing they understand; gotta fight fire with fire. Never go to a gun fight with a stick. Putting the handcuffs on the cops and not allow them to do their jobs is totally obverd.

One time; I would like to reverse the circumstances and have the F-in do gooders be put into the same situation the cops in this country have been put in trying to swim while handcuffed; then tell me they would not want to fight fire with fire, bricks for brick, bombs and bullets.

‘Defunding the police is not a solution. It’s a political stunt,’ Daryl Turner tells ‘The Story’

This country is headed for an all out war between anarchists and the establishment. Like any other war a person is sent to fight; do not send the to the front lines with rubber bullets and paintball guns, while the enemy is using live ammo.

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