Not the time and the place…. ….

Jessie Graff makes American Ninja Warrior history as first female to  complete Stage 1 | Daily Mail Online

Steffi Graf is a person that I used to admire because of her physical abilities and her stellar example of a role model to the younger kids; especially the young ladies she encourages to be all that they can be and never settle for second-best.

My big problem with her was last night I’m American Ninja Warrior, Steffi Graf and the BLACK LIVED MATTER tattoo or sticker on her right shoulder. is she insinuating/suggesting that all live don’t matter??

To me, that is not the time or the place to showcase one’s personal agenda, likes or dislikes. It was in very poor taste and the candy ass Network NBC is just as culpable as she is allowing her to air her laundry.

If we want to unite as a nation, where all men and women are treated AND RESPECTED equally; her colors should be reading; ALL LIVE MATTER.

Anyone that flies the colors of BLM are only putting their stamp of approval on all of the violence, killing, bombing, beatings going on around the country. The people that are behind BLM and supporting it; are like the fools in what I called a Political Ponzi Scheme, where only they top parasites are the real winners.

Steffi; stick to what you do best and keep your tu tu out of grandstanding.


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5 Responses to Not the time and the place…. ….

  1. Are you sure you didnt misread her tattoo? Did it say “Black Olives Matter”?

  2. My apologies. I tried to sneak a joke in there. Without glasses, I probably couldnt see it.

  3. YANA BECK says:

    I totally agree with you! I admired her until the second I saw that tattoo-sticker

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