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Chris Rock: Obama presidency marked ‘progress for White people,’ not Black people

Chris Rock is one of the few influential black people that can see exactly who TMC is an has the nuts to tell it like it is. TMC was supposed to be the GREAT BLACK hope for black American and failed them completely.

Chris Rock said that President Obama’s tenure was “progress for white people,” but not Black people.

TMC was tapped on the shoulder by a group of very wealthy WHITE sons-a-bitches that call themselves Americans, who in reality hide behind the socialist movement and use that platform and other surreptitious causes to conceal their true cause, the take over of the USA.

TMC (Obama) was/is just another pawn in their chess game they are using to get control of the country. They have no restriction as to what is out of bound, how far to go, and go so far as to fund the rioters and use the other fools of BLM as a front to gain complete control of the country. They are in for control for no one but themselves and could care less about the idiots that are fighting their mutinous war.

They have put the word out; if Trump wins the election, the riots and civil unrest will continue. At some point in time, the United States government is going to have to take drastic action to put an end to this mutiny. It will not be pretty.

I have said this so many times and Rock agrees: Black people… are being abused by a group of people that are mentally handicapped,’ comedian says

It is a damn shame that these good people have been abused for decades and still are, by so many factions and their own people top the list.

The black community which is comprised of 95% of good, decent, god fearing, stand up Americans that are abuse from all sides. By politicians – religious leaders – fast talking con men that prey upon their situation and desperations. TMC is one of the leaders of the pack. The only thing TMC had in his sights when he was elected was how to advance himself, his cronies and how to fill their coffers. He has always been a big advocate of socialism.

How is this for a person that hates the wealthy??? I wonder if his gardner is white??

The Obamas Just Bought a Martha's Vineyard Compound for $14.85 Million –  Robb Report

If it were not for the teleprompter, TMC would be screwed – blued – and tattooed. The man is like a programed robot for his socialist masters.

People; listen to Chris Rock; the anti-America people that TMC (The Manchurian Candidate) is involved with are out for no one but themselves. If the 8 years in office didn’t prove it, I don’t know what does.

Trump is the only salvation we have for the USA.


Trump urges South Carolina Republicans to vote for Sanders

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