How smart does one have to be?????

More young people are dying by suicide, and experts aren’t sure why

They call themselves experts?? In what field??

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There are so many factor involved in why young people are sucking on a gas line, it is as apparent as the HOOK NOSE oN the Wicked Witch of the West, yet the experts can’t figure it out. So, where do you want to start.

Wicked Witch of the West | Mohawk Valley Girl

I will start with the up-bring or lack of in SOME OF the wealthy, middle and upper class communities, were the kids have NOT been raised properly to be self-sufficient and independent. You know, like buying their way into colleges.

In short, many have had it too good all their lives and can not deal with adversity. They have never had to eat liver and when they are forced to, they do not like how it tastes. Proverbial Liver is the adversities of life that need to be handled when the situations present themselves.

Next; all of the horrible surroundings that consume/overwhelm the kids. They have no real role models or people to look up to; starting at home, if they have a home.

Drugs – racism – promiscuity – liberalism – wars – terrorism – cities under siege – scumbag professors that are more interested in spreading their poison on the kids then teaching them the right roads to go down – the entertainment field, that for the most part is filled with degenerates. How and the hell does anyone expect kids today to turn out or have a positive lookout with all of the negativity in the world staring them in the face.

At the very least; if they had a good foundation and solid home structure; good examples of parent they could emulate, that would be 90% of the battle. In some of the situations parents are worse than the kids when it comes to being out of control. When was the last time you SHOT UP or SMOKED A JOINT with your kids?? And they wonder and ask why.

They keep sticking their hand in the flames, and wonder why they keep getting burned ??

How To Light Your Hand On Fire Without Burning Yourself by David Herrmann -  Musely

The fact of the matter is; we live in a very selfish society, where it is every man and women for themselves. IF it was reversed and people cared about the welfare of others, there would a lot less dissension, including one of the leading causes of social unrest; racism.

To start with; kids MUST be brought up in a disciplined/structured environment, where rule are set and expected to be followed. I am not talking about brutality, I am talking about tough love. Tell them and show them you love them and only want the best for them. When kids feel unloved and worthless, they develop very negative attitudes and when they think things are bad enough, too much to handle, lean toward ending it all. Most of all set good examples.

If we had people who cared about what the future generations had in store, we would not be trying to destroy one another. The fact of the matter is; if the fools in this world were not so greedy and self-absorber, we would be living in a much better time where the kids are not so focused it ending just to escape the madness.

We are the adults – the beacon kids look up to and will emulate. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to set good example for them, show them the right road to travel. Put your arm around them once and awhile and tell them you love them, after they cut the grass.

Just like I have talk about with the racism deal. If we want our future generations to grow up in constant turmoil as we have; well keep doing what you are doing.


Don’t be a selfish fool. If you want a better and more harmonious life for future generations; put down the knife. You are only cutting your nose off to spite your face.

We have the power to set our own destiny. Use your power wisely and make a difference in the world. When we have reached that goal, there will DEFINITELY be a big reduction in kids suicide.

We can not tell a kid to put down the needle while we have a powder all over our face.

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More young people are dying by suicide, and experts aren’t sure why ……

Hey experts; that was not so difficult to figure out.


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