Who is the real dummy ……

Biden spokesman refuses to discuss whether former VP used teleprompter to answer questions


Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd 1949 | Charlie  mccarthy, Old time radio, Old movie stars

I know all you far-left-fools; you think Charlie Mc Carthy was a racist. Take a cold shower.

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The real question really is; which dummy is answer the questions?? The one on the teleprompter screen (in the lap) or the dummy standing up?? I guess that is why they are called dummies, they require an outside source to speak for them because they are not wired that way.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s national press secretary attempted to deflect a question about whether the Democratic nominee used a teleprompter to answer questions from regular Americans Thursday, claiming President Trump’s campaign was trying to use the issue as a “distraction.”

It is called double stepping. Instead of answer the question, the fugazzi (fake) politician/spokesman will always double steps their way around the question and never answer it.

Ladies and gents; this is one of the finer arts of bull-shitting, high quality stuff, requires a lot of skill and is mandatory course for all politicians to take before getting their shingle.

College Degrees Are Sometimes Bullshit - Yes, I Am Cheap

That is OK Mr. Spokesman, you really don’t have to answer the question; we know who the real dummy is.

Joe Biden fully understands China's one-child policy which includes forced  and gender-based abortions, sterilization and infanticide.

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