Be aware at all times while driving …

Be aware at all times while driving, and walking for that matter. It only takes a split second for Mother Tragedy to strike.

The accident in this video was almost impossible to avoid; but being more aware of our surroundings while driving, the safer we will be.

Make sure you look in the rear view mirror frequently, and check the blind spots for passing cars. I would advise putting blind spot mirrors on each side view mirror, they have saved me 100’s of times. In that very tiny blind spot, a car can be inches from you, but you are not able to see it. Blind Spot Mirror for Cars LIBERRWAY Car Side Mirror Blind Spot  Auto Blind Spot Mirrors Wide Angle Mirror Convex Rear View Mirror Stick on  Design Adjustable: Automotive
They cost under 10.00$ and WILL prevent many accidents.

I had a similar incident about 2 years ago on the freeway. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a car coming at me over 100 miles and hour. I was going 70.

I quickly pulled off to the berm, that crazy bitch driving the car passed me like I was standing still. If I would not have been vigilant, I would have looked like that cars in the video.

I did call 911 – followed the nut case until the cops got in the chase. Being alert saved my wife’s life and mine. It should be mandatory for people to know how to drive defensively. No necessity to be a paronide driver, just a smart one.

Awareness is a must these days with all of the psycho out there on two legs or 18 driving wheels. If permitted by law, take a firearms course, be responsible and do what you have to to stay out of danger. A word to the wise ……..

Even J J Jesse Jackson admits there is cause for concern.

Quote by Jesse Jackson: “There is nothing more painful to me … › quotes › 5978-there-is-nothing-…

Jesse Jackson — ‘There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see…

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