Democratic sheriff on why he left party: ‘Unbelievable’ that Democratic leadership condones rioting

Democratic sheriff on why he left party: ‘Unbelievable’ that Democratic leadership condones rioting

Sheriff Dave Wedding

The day of reckoning is certainly going to come around for all of liberal fools. Someday a terrorist or rioter is going to have a shotgun stuck down their throat, and guess who they’ll be screaming to for help. You got that right, THE POLICE or Donny Trump.

I say; all of the idiots that want to defund the police should be given identification tags and when the shit hits the fan, anyone wearing that ID tag tag should be excluded from any governmental help/assistance. Believe me, that time will come and all the fools will pay a big price for their treasonous acts.

THE MAN IS GOING TO WIN – He has a very good memory – sooner or later the scores will be settled.

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