Genius – way ahead of his time …..

As I have been touting for years. The black people are ONLY being used as pawns for the MONEY PEOPLE to help gain control of this country.

Are there big problems in many areas in the black community?? Absolutely, but none beyond their control, if they were to be addressed, not ignored as if they do not exist.

The biggest factor causing the discourse in the black community is, the constant agitation and provoking coming from the MONEY PEOPLE to keep the hatred flames burning. The vast majority of these anti-American bastards and bitches are coming for the new-extreme-far-left that are using these riots to attain their own end game; total control of the country.

As I have eluded to so many times, it is a giant POLITICAL PONZI SCHEME where only the sons-a-bitches at the very top are the winners.

See the source image

These bastards and bitches at the top of the pyramid should be hunted down like the slithering vermin they are and exterminated. They have no ones interest at heart but their own greed and desire to over throw the government. Little by little, the once stand-up democratic party has succumb to power and greed that rules socialism which is out to control and destroy our nation.

If the black community have any inclination that the leaders of the movement are on their side, they better think again. Just to demonstrate the power of the far-lefters, in 2008 they found a silver tongued serpent that literally talked his way into the Casa Bianca. It was the perfect time in history for the socialist scum bags to make their move.

If nothing else proves a point, there is one thing that stands out more vividly than anything else during TMC’s time in office that showed his true colors. HE FAILED HIS OWN PEOPLE.

10 Ways Obama Has Failed as President – The Federalist

    1. He didn’t heal our racial divisions. The first thing people expected of Obama, the whole reason his …
    2. The stimulus didn’t stimulate. President Obama was elected in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, …
    3. Financial reform didn’t reform. But surely, Obama saw to it that we would never repeat the problems …
    4. ObamaCare is a boondoggle. The disastrous launch of ObamaCare was a reminder of everything …

Yet he maintains that bull-shit halo around his head, pretending to be the savior to all people. Let me tell you something folks; there is a gigantic herd of demons under the facade TMC carries around with him. I can not believe the foolish people that are still drawn in by him. I will admit, to the unassuming, he is very convincing.

Image result for saint obama

His worshipers are the same fools that believed or still believe:

I truly wish for the betterment of the good people in the black community they would see into the fact that they are being used and abused from all sides. It is very sad that even a person in a position as president of the USA, 1/2 of their won, failed them grossly.

It took a man as brilliant as Manning Johnson to finally see through their deception and what their end game was.

To all the good black people in the USA. Put your trust and faith in Donald Trump. He has your interest/health and well-being at heart, 100% more than TMC ever did.

Is he still a little rough round the edges?? You betcha. That is not going to change.

Who would you rater be in a foxhole with. PDT or J J and Car-mella??

I hear the J J had her name tattooed on the bottom of his foot, so he would not forget her name. That is providing he remembers which foot it is.

Thanks to Donna for the news tip

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