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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally linked to 20% of US coronavirus cases in August: researchers

More than 460,000 people attended the 10-day rally

Three posts I did on these pipe rattling fools;

What do I have a crystal ball ……

Published on Aug 26, at 10:57 AM

Tempting and tracking Mr. Corona …

Published on Aug 8, at 1:52 PM

We’ll show that punk Mr Corona who has bigger balls or something else …

Published on Aug 3, at 10:59 AM

End result: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally linked to 20% of US coronavirus cases in August

It seems to me there is a big majority of people in this country are nothing but a bunch of non-conformist/self-centered fools that don’t give a shit about anyone else BUTT themselves. The proof is in the pudding.

I always say; you want to jump off a cliff and kill yourself, go right ahead, BUTT don’t drag me over with you. That is exactly what the bikers did when they felt the need to blow off their pipes, by the thousands at one time and ignore the virus 6 foot separation ban.

I wonder who they feel watching some of the friends and family members suffer with the disease or possibly die from it.

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