It has come down to, not who he is but what is he ….

Trump faces new character tests as campaign enters final stretch

Sometime Donny is like the little brother many of us have; we love the hell out of him, but don’t like some of the things he does.

He is obnoxious – an ego maniac – bold – rash – abrasive – an unqualified/unknowing prognosticator – teller of tall tales and so much more. But the fact of the matter is, most of those character flaws are what got him elected.

We can’t ever take away the fact that he is the ultimate patriot and loves the USA to no end. Donny just has some very rough edges but is a fighter for what he believes in.

Image result for trump saying fuck you

On the other side of the coin as I mentioned, his patriotism – undying need to win at all cost – puts the USA before everything – does not take any abuse from anyone, foreign or domestic (sometime to a fault) – one hell of a deal maker – respects the USA to the hilt and despises anyone that does not.

Whatever motivates The Man is anyone’s guess. The fact of the matter is, we as citizens of the USA have to take the good with the bad. Donald Trump in my opinion has 1,000% more going for him than the other side.

The good on the other side is as bad as it can get. J J and Car-milla are is not even an option.



So, is The Donald the best choice in November?? You betcha; right – wrong or indifferent, his name is where our X belongs.

The only person that can bet Trump is Trump.

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