By all means, the hero deserves it ……

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Rep. Michael Waltz@RepMichaelWaltzSFC Alwyn Cashe is a Florida & American hero who courageously lost his life saving fellow soldiers from a burning vehicle while serving in Iraq. He without a doubt deserves our nation’s highest honor – and I’m glad @EsperDoD & @DeptofDefense agree & recognize his heroic actions.

The Washington Post@washingtonpostPentagon poised to award Medal of Honor to African American soldier Alwyn Cashe, who died after saving fellow soldiers in Iraq…12:28 PM · Aug 28, 2020

There should be no question as to whether or not Alwyn Cash deserves the Medal of Honor. Alwyn is a symbol of what true American’s are all about. Race – color or creed are not a factor when it comes to protecting fellow service men from the the enemy. If all of American society can RESPECT one another like the majority of the military personal do, it would be a different world.

Speaking for myself; in all the years I served, I never had or saw any racial incidents. If there was a fight between a black and white guy, it was only a fight, not a racial issue. That is the way it should be.

Let us learn from the good example set by others.

My hat is off and a big Semper Fi to Alwyn Cash, a great American hero.


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