What is next, squirt guns and Nerf balls …..

Imbecile Detroit police face temporary ban on batons, other anti-protest gear: judge


U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Michelson’s order prohibits police from using force during protests without “probable cause.” This is one sick f-in women.

Laurie J. Michelson - Wikipedia
Judge Laurie J Michelson, Corrupt, Lying, Corporate Owned

Let us put her Lilly white, do-gooder ass in danger like Vernon Jones and his wife were the other night, when if not for police protection, the politician from Georgia was sure he and his wife would have been killed or severely injured by the rioters.

Vernon Jones and wife during 2006 Trumpet Awards - Arrivals at... News  Photo - Getty Images

Let us see what her dishonoress would feel if her life was in jeopardy. Ignorance can be very dangerous.

Why is it that many of these numb-nuts politicians feel the need to intervene into how the police departments are run. The rioters are armed with everything from rocks – baseball bats – fire bombs and assault rifles and the idiot judgette doesn’t want the cops to use night sticks to defend themselves.

Before we know it, I would not be surprised if all the cops in the country ban together and go on strike until they can properly defend themselves.

The incompetents that are making these rules are not on the front lines. If they were, the troops would be armed with Sherman tanks.

FHCAM - M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank

It is as apparent as a wort on a blind mans nose; people like the ignorant, anti-American judgette do not want peace. They want these riots to continue all the way until November.

I will conclude for all parties concerned; at some pint in time, all of the violence by the rioters is going to be met with equal or severe retaliation and it is not going to be pretty. There will be the blood of many Americans and anti-Americans running down the gutters of our city streets. This is exactly what the far-lefters want, chaos in the USA. BUTT they can be assured, they will no win when it comes to an all out assault against the good and the evil.

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