Of all the serious crimes, riding a bike the wrong way?????

Protests erupt in Southern Los Angeles after Black man killed by deputies, report says

The man who was killed, identified by a local Black Lives Matters group as Dijon Kizzee, was riding his bike when the deputies tried to stop him for “code violations related to his bike riding.”

Personally, I would like to hear more about the BIKE RIDING VIOLATION that resulted in a man’s death. What kind of bike riding violation would make the cops stop a guy unless they were looking to harass him?? BIKE RIDING VIOLATION – GMAFB

It did turn out that the man was carrying a gun, so they say. But if the cops did not stop him for some petty bull-shit violation, he would not have been shot and killed.

As far as I am concerned; based on what is going on in this country today, every responsible citizen should BE PACKING for their own safety.

As sad as that statement is, it is a necessity for everyone to protect themselves. It puts more people on an even playing field with the criminals.

It would be disheartening to hear that Kizzee was shot and killed for no good reason.

And the beat goes on.

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1 Response to Of all the serious crimes, riding a bike the wrong way?????

  1. jimallega says:

    more to this than meats the eye my friend

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