Gotta even the scales folks …….

Florida man who brandished gun at BLM protest was ‘lawfully defending himself;’ no charges filed: police

Gotta even the scales; never go to a gun fight with a squirt gun. These sons-a-bitchen rioters are playing for keeps, turn around should be fair play.

I am thrilled to see that law-enforcement sided with the guy carrying the gun. It is about time proper and fair justice is being served.

“The evidence confirmed the physical altercation between numerous protestors and that the individual was knocked to the ground and under attack before lawfully defending himself,” the department said, adding that they confirmed that the individual with the gun “was lawfully carrying a concealed weapon as a license holder.”


To start with, for everyone concerned, I would hope that the riots around the country are going to wind down; but it does not look like it to me. Secondly; as long as they continue to be as violent as they are, I think it is a good idea for well-qualified, responsible people that are licensed carry a gun and keep the playing field even.

This type of action is the only thing the rioters understand.

They asked for it, They got it!!

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