Where were the body cams????

Kenosha police union gives its account of Jacob Blake shooting

A 20-second video shot by a bystander doesn’t show what led up to the shooting and Wisconsin authorities have given few details

If Blake was carrying a knife and the knife was not planted on him by the cops (a very common occurrence) after the fact; where does it show in the body camera video that the cops are supposed to wear??

Wisconsin Legislative Council
One East Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703-3382
Phone: (608) 266-1304



The Study Committee on the Use of Police Body Cameras recommends the bill draft
described below1 to the Joint Legislative Council for introduction in the 2019-20 session of the Legislature.

LRB-0396/2 addresses various privacy and public records issues that may arise as a result of the use of a body camera by a law enforcement officer. Key provisions include:

• A requirement that a law enforcement agency that deploys a body camera on a law
enforcement officer adopt and administer a written policy governing the use,
maintenance, and storage of the camera.

• A requirement that a law enforcement agency train an officer who wears a body camera
on the use of the body camera, and train an employee who handles body camera data on proper storage, retention, and release of that data.

• The establishment of a minimum retention period by a law enforcement agency for
“routine” body camera data.

• A requirement for longer retention by a law enforcement agency for certain “critical incident” body camera data or data that is relevant for administrative or judicial

• The establishment of a public policy presumption against release of body camera data
that shows certain victims, minors, or those having a reasonable expectation of privacy.

• Authority for a law enforcement agency to redact identifying images or sounds from
certain body camera data before public release, and clarification that such a redaction
may be challenged as a denial of release.

If the cops can prove their statement, I would say it vindicates them; partially. Shooting the man 7 times in the back?? GMAFB!!

I know a little something about the martial arts. The last thing anyone should do that knows anything about self defense, is to grab a person who is supposedly carrying a knife, anywhere but where the knife is.

The first line of defense against most weapons, especially a knife is to control the weapon. That in itself should preclude the cop from grabbing the man from the back as shown in the video. All the man would have to do is swing around and make Suchi out of the guy.

If they can not produce any evidence the man had a knife, I would hope that the fabricators of the false excuse/claims would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This out of control bull-shit has to stop; whether it is a white – black or yellow person.

Beside the actual crime being committed against a black victim be extremely serious; in my opinion, it is just as severe a crime to try and falsify the facts to get the cop off the hook IE; fake reporting. Then to put the icing on the cake, the judge lets the cop off with a slap on the wrist.

If there is any suspicion that a judge is getting paid off or not performing their job as they should, they should be immediately taken off the bench and prosecuted. Extreme situations call for extreme actions. That should be a federal law.

Unless positive steps are taken, this THING is not going away. There are many wealthy outside sources that are funding these riots, hoping to take over the country in the aftermath. Those bastards should be hunted down, locked up and the keys be thrown away.

As far a Wisconsin is concerned; I would like to see the video of the body cam that is supposed to be worn by the cops.

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  1. jimallega says:

    to bad they didn’t kill him

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