The older the fool got ….

Shapiro slams LeBron James for ‘disgusting’ suggestion Kenosha officer may have wanted to shoot Black people

Shapiro slams LeBron James for disgusting suggestion … › watch

12 hours ago – Shapiro slams LeBron James for disgusting suggestion Kenosha officer may have wanted to shoot Black … “And, it suggests that Black people dont have agency of their own lives in the racist America . . . which is the biggest …

When La Bron was growing up he was one solid citizen. He was/is a tremendous athlete and a great role model to a lot of younger kids. It seems to me, the older he got, his mind became twisted by the other side. He did not want to be an outsider.

LeBron James on Twitter: "Young 👑 just trying to prove to him self that he  belonged… "
The Internet Reacts To LeBron James' Looking Nearly Unrecognizable With His  Quarantine Beard | News Break

If he does not look like a terrorist, Honey Baked ham is not a pig.

Should the black community as a whole demonstrate against police brutality?? Should the renegades BLM burn down the whole country in the process??? Should the black community get a handle on the overwhelming crimes among them?? Yes – no – yes!!

Celebrities especially have to be cognizant of the fact that they are very big influence on the younger Generations and should act accordingly. What does James look like to kids when he is walking around looking like you just left Guantanamo Bay. Moreover making off the wall statements he has been known for. In my opinion is sending the wrong message to the kids. That is my opinion he is sending a message of rebellion.

Shapiro slams LeBron James for ‘disgusting’ suggestion Kenosha officer may have wanted to shoot Black people

For James to make a blanket statement like that; we have to know he is getting twisted and going over the to the left side of BLM. Why the hell would anyone make a statement like that unless they want to fire up the rioters or to keep the fires of the riots going.

I believe that, just like Cassius Clay was brain washed by the Muslims when he was young and impressionable; James is getting twisted and manipulated by BLM. He does not want to be an outsider or ostracized by his peers.

Nearing 50, Renaissance jock Herschel Walker breaks fitness rules -

He should have the inner strength and backbone leaders like Hershel Walker and a few other notable black celebrities, to speak out against violence and rioting. Folks; we need a lot more common-sensed/decent people like Walker and a lot less like James. The fools like James are just adding petrol to the fires.

JAMES: Have some (basket) balls La Bron and not a puppet manipulated by the rebels in the movement. At one time you were a hell of a role model. By the way; how about next week, going to visit your barber.

What does a person think of when we see fools like this??

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