What do I have a crystal ball ……

Experts feared the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally could be a superspreading event. More than 70 coronavirus cases are already linked to it

Although a person does not have to be a genius to foretell the outcome of the event prior to the Bad Assed Sturgis Rally, I did a post one it predicting such results.


People like these bikers are absolute, self absorbed, ignorant fools. I don’t care if they all catch the virus, I care about the unassuming people that got sick because of the bikers stupidity.

I don’t know if they are attempting to show the world how tough they are or how ignorant they are, possibly both.

If one of these brain surgeons wants to take his life in his hands by walking across a busy highway at rush hour; OK. If this same fool is carrying a baby in his arms, he is a super-idiot. Same O – Same O!!

It probably is a combination of the macho thing and the groupie broads that hang with these characters that think they are bullet proof. Fa-get-about-it!!

I think if some of the offenders, regardless what form of overcrowded engagement are involved, house parties, overloaded bars, etc.; start getting fined or jailed for their ignorance, possibly some of the others will think twice. How do the authorities get across to some people??

Why the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a go despite opposition from residents  | Covid19 | aberdeennews.com

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