If anyone should Faire me her La Bouche …..

Bette Midler accused of xenophobic tweets mocking Melania Trump: ‘She still can’t speak English’


If anyone should Faire me her La Bouche it is Bette Midler. She has a lot of balls (possibly) (should get a short arm inspection); to bust anyone’s hump let alone the 1st Lady.

Compare the two:


Midler = Zero

When I look at the two of them; I think of Princess Di and Camilla Bowles.

Prince Charles and Camilla's Secret Son: See the photo | New Idea Magazine

I could never understand Prince Charles THING; if he had a homely-lady infatuation, affinity for that type of women, THING for older unattractive women or what?? If he did, he hit a home run on every time at bat. He traded in a Bently for a 1960 Bettle. It just did not make sense dumping Di for Camella. BUTT who am I to have an un-royal opinion??

Old Vw Beetle Car High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy
Bentley Continental GT - Wikipedia

By Bette Midler try to trash Melania Trump she just show her ignorance like so many of the fools in La La Land that really believe they are STARS. BUTT that is nothing new with that nasty broad that has been BREAKING THEM for years thinking she is funny.

I have nothing against Camella, I just thought the arrangement was very unusual.

As far a Midler is concerned; just like so many other critic fools out there that have no business busting anyone else balls or whatever; take a good look in the mirror of truth before playing the dozens. You will be surprised at what you see staring back at you.

Example of playing the dozens: Don’t play the dozens cause the dozens ain’t your game; I knocked up your Ma Ma and your daddy got the blame

Does God only choose ugly people? – Abundant Life

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