PDT has to make a public speech about this violence …

Jacob Blake reportedly paralyzed, shot 8 times in Kenosha, Wisconsin:


What the hell does it take for these rogue/gun-happy cops to get the message. By their careless, sometime deliberate actions, they are helping burn down the country. They shot the guy 7 times and now he is parallelized. 7 times in the back!!

As I said yesterday; if Blake had a gun or was going for one in the car, that will make a big difference. But it does not appear that way.

In my opinion, I believe that PDT has to make a statement against this violence and rioting to help squelch the flames. Not only is it imperative for peace in the country, it will sky rocket his campaign his position in the polls dramatically.

Another gem from N N:

Listening to Nasty Nan; she isn’t too many steps behind JJ (Jokin Joe) for the admission to the loony bin.

I still want to know who and how many fools she caught with the pants blow their knees to maintain her powerful position. She is demonic.

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