They never learn ….

Police shooting of Jacob Blake: Protests erupt, Wisconsin DOJ to investigate

Just when we thought we may be seeing a little late at the end of the tunnel , up jumped the devil again .

Are these f-in cops that ignorant that they still have not caught on to the fact that incidents like this, along with the overwhelming black crime rate are the root of the problems?? Jesus Christ WTFDIT???

The guy is clearly running away from them and is no apparent danger to anyone.

It does not appear that the man had a weapon.

One would think by this times, with all of the rioting-burning-killing associated with police brutality, ALL OF THE COPS would have got the message by now.

All incidents like this do is drag out chaos that has enveloped this country.

If it can be proved the man was reaching for a weapon when he opened his car door, that would be a different story.

As Blake opens the car door and reaches into the vehicle and an officer tugs on his shirt. At least seven gunshots can be heard in the video, followed by a car horn. Two officers can be seen in the video near the car; it is unclear what happened before the video was recorded. 

BUTT shot 7 times at close range??? I would call it a little over-kill.

I would never be a hypocrite and minimize the almost impossible jobs cops have where they have to make split second decisions to save their life or the life of others. I definitely would not want to be a cop in a big city.

That being said; as hard as it is to stay focused, that is what they train for and are supposed to have under control. They chose that type of work and should know all the ramification before raising their right hand.

Still and all; if anyone thinks this is the last incident we see in this country, they are sorely mistaken. It will continue to happen again and again. The key to some sort of satisfaction to the victim and their families has to be given by the courts system, to make sure the the offending cops pays the price for the poor or abusive judgement.

It is mind boggling to see;


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