1st came the Three Stooges, then came ……

AOC, Bernie say Democratic National Convention was too moderate, not enough progressive voices



At least Larry – Curly and Moe gave us good laugh; the guy were hysterical. They entertained the world for years with their slap stick humor. They were great American and patriotic human beings.

Fast forward a few decades; now we have another pair of comedians, living large and enjoying the freedoms the country affords them, always in the spotlight bad mouthing the USA, BUTT their messages are not funny. They are anti-American and pathetic.

Image result for ocasio in bernie sanders

This pair of anti-American fools should never be allowed to for any reason associate themselves or to stand in front of the American flag. They have both been quoted recently saying: AOC, Bernie say Democratic National Convention was too moderate, not enough progressive voices.

Meaning; out of all the fools that spoke at the convention; there were not enough anti–Americans/antagonistic/radicals like Occasio and Bernie that shot down the American way of life every chance they get, that were trying convince more American people to follow their anti-government policies; trying to undermine the laws of the land that made the USA great. Funny part is; I have not seen a moving truck in front of any of their cribs.

Most of the visions they are trying to sell the American people have little to no substance and are literally unattainable; all though I do agree with some.

See the source image

# 1 – I have always been a proponent of flat taxes – BUTT the politicians will never support it because it will impact their bottom lines severely.

# 2 – If we had flat taxes, there would be no loop holes – everyone, regardless of the financial position would pay the same percentage. Make a dollar, pay 15% – make 1 million, pay 15%. That is too easy. Russia has been doing it for years.

# 3. Big money in politics is here to stay. It is no secret that big bucks control the world, not only the USA – not an ideal situation, but that will never change.

# 4. Pay equity for women – I am 110% behind it.

# 5. Leave it up to the individuals if they want unions to represent them.

# 6. By all means, protect social security.

If we could take some of what Bernie espouses to, they do make sense, BUTT we all know what a devious politician says and what they do are entirely different.

Since the beginning of time; politicians are going to bull-shit the public just to get the vote. After their fat ass is securely in the driver seat, all of a sudden they get amnesia.

The following is what Bernie is really all about.

John Avlon: Bernie Sanders’ praise of the late Cuban …


Feb 24, 2020 · CNN‘s John Avlon looks at Bernie Sanders‘ past comments on socialism, including his support of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and other controversial political events.

Bernie Sanders defends Fidel Castro’s socialist Cuba …


BERNIE SANDERS SEEN IN UNEARTHED 1986 VIDEO RECALLING EXCITEMENT OVER CASTRO’S REVOLUTION IN CUBA In a resurfaced speech given at the University of Vermontin 1986, Sanders praised the socialist…

Bernie Sanders’ Top 5 Favorite Things About The Cuban …

Guest post by Vermont Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. Sure, during the Cuban revolution, the Castro regime systematically violated the rights of its citizens. They murdered dissenters, stole private property, and wrought so much hell on Cuba that …

Let us not forget that Occasio and all the others are sailing on the same Ship of Fools. They all showed their true colors, especially TMC, when none of them attempted to speak out against the out of control rioting going on in this country. Portland had another break out last night.

The ironic part of the passages on the Ship of Fool ; the majority of these MOTHERS have made massive amount$ of $oldi in this country since PDT sat in The Big Chair; now that they have theirs, they want to control the country under socialism and have it all. GMAFB

In Occasio comments: not enough progressive voices. Meaning Anti-Americans that want to dismantle and overhaul the system that is not broken. Out of sync in many areas and needing adjustments as any corporation must do to stay current, BUTT not to revolutionize the system completely.

Definition of progressive:

happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.”a progressive decline in popularity”

synonyms:continuing · continuous · increasing · growing · developing · ongoing · intensifying · accelerating · escalating · gradual · step by step · cumulative

How many times have I had bad food in a restaurant or stayed in a hotel/motel that did not meet my expectations or liking?? What was my solution to that problem; never go back. So tell me; if these fools are so against the AMERICAN way of life,why don’t they GTFO and never come back?? The answer is; they want their cake and eat it too.

Beware of person that speaks with fork tongue.

TOTUS: Black Man Speaks with Forked Tongue

Great example: learn from past experiences. Bull-shit me once it’s your fault – bull-shit me twice, I am a fool.

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