She deliberately left the word “deliberately” out deliberately …..

Jessica Tarlov admits DNC was ‘missed opportunity’ for party to address urban violence, riots

Yet another brilliant observation from the media!!

The misfits don’t want the rioting to stop until the election is over. As long as there is turmoil/violence/killing/bombing/beating innocent people going on in the country, the air-heads on the other side can try to put the jacket on PDT.

BUTT; you tell me what kind of sons-a-bitches would stand by idly seeing the damages inflicted on this country, knowing that their intervention would probably have an impact on the crowds to put out the fires, BUTT again not make an attempt to help turn the tides?? That goes for the entire lot, from top (TMC) to the bottom. They are some pathetic sons-a-bitches.

Fools like this would probably stand by and watch their mother and sister being beat up by a crowd with ball bats and not lift a finger to help them.

I hope the voters are wise enough to see who really has the interest/safety/well-being of this country as their priority. It sure is hell isn’t J J and Carmella. J J had 47 years to make a difference and failed (but now wants to right all wrongs) and Carmella wants the same things as he friend and comrade rappie, Ossacio.

See the source image

Let us not forget open boarders – Universal Income etc. I like the one; Solidarity with Puerto Rico. Does anyone have an idea what that little island has cost the USA through the years?? Billion$ and gets very little if anything in return. BUTT that falls in line with everything else Ossacio wants; FREE!! The only thing she and the rest of her brain-dead leave out; who is going to pay for the FREE??

What the very shrewd/conniving/deceitful/hatchet people Political Ponzi Schemers are doing is; hold a pork chop on a string in front of a bunch of starving people, hoping to bull shit them into believing their con. False, unattainable promises that can not be fulfilled.

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Folks; remember, there is no such things as a free pork chop. Everything come with a price tag. Sooner of later the tax man comes around; if you can’t pay, into the dark deep hole we go. If J J is elected (doubtful) that is exactly where the USA will end up with it’s first black female president. J J will NEVER see the finish line; by hook or crook.

It should be the responsibility of ever good citizen, no matter what race, color, or creed, to want peace in this country. As it stands, we have a very vicious element that does not want peace, just to further their diabolical quests.

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