I F-ed it up; Now I will fix it up …

Biden vows to deliver America from ‘darkness’ in nomination acceptance; Trump rips rival as all talk

The man has been in politics 40 plus years, eight of which vice president and should be responsible for the conditions of this country . All of a sudden J J is going to make things right; while he was on of the key players that F-ed them up in the first place.

The conditions of racism which seem to be one of the major issues plaguing the country all developed on J J lengthy watch in one form or another. Now all of sudden, he is the black man’s best friend. GMAFBJ. He has proven otherwise by some of his comment and lackadaisical career achievements.

In 3.7 years PDT has done more for the country than J J did in 40 plus years. There are two vast differences between the two men. J J (Jokin) is a stone parasitical politician and PDT is only a politician because of necessity and his patriotism. The man even works for nothing. While J J has been on the tab squeezing all the blood out of that turnip he could, for himself his family and friends. Big difference.

Today Forbes estimates Biden, 76, and his wife Jill are worth $9 million. Their fortune includes two Delaware homes valued at $4 million combined, cash and investments worth another $4 million or so, and a federal pension worth more than $1 million. 

If these are actual facts, it really surprises me. Based on some of his foreign connections, I would have thought J J was a bigger thief than that.

Biden vows to deliver America from ‘darkness’ in nomination acceptance; Trump rips rival as all talk

Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination, says Trump ‘failed to protect America’

Failed to protect America?? GMAFB!! If it were up to his party and his former boss TMC, 9/10 of Americans would be eating out of the city dump, while their Socio/demo/commie/ Ponzi Scheme team would be feasting at the Big Buffet table.

Homeless Man Eats at City Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

These pricks lie so much, it automatically just flows off of their golden tongues without hesitation.

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president Thursday night with an “enormously effective” speech that “blew a hole” in President Trump’s characterization of the former vice president, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said.

Come on ladies and gents, the speech was all scripted for the guy. If J J was not reading from a teleprompter, I may give him a little pat on the back. BUTT even a smart 7 year old can follow the written dialog. We will see just how good he is when he goes after one of the Greatest Ball Busters on the planet, Donald Trump. Take a walk Wallace!!

Trump accuses Democrats of ‘trying to steal the election’ with insistence on mail-in voting


Let me say this about that. I do agree that mail in voting is more susceptible to cheating than walk-in voting. This election is for all the marbles and every precaution should be taken.

The same bastards that are passing out ball bats – bricks and fire bombs to the rioters are well behind mail in voting. Should we be concerned.?? You bet you ass.

Louisiana AG warns violent crime in US will reach ‘epidemic’ levels: ‘There’s a tipping point that’s coming in this country’

AG Jeff Landry warns that crime in the U.S. will get worse before it gets better

Just notice that Jeffery?? Good observation.

It is like a pamper – spoiled – out of control brat; the more you let them get away with, the more mischievous they become. As it stands now, the crime is off the charts in the USA. Why you axe; the authorities have contributed to the delinquency of the criminals. Like this fool and the other fools like him. .

NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for June 2020 …


Jul 06, 2020 · For the month of June 2020, the number of people victimized by gun violence and murder in New York City spiked significantly, when compared to the same period in 2019. Between June 1 and June 30, there was a 130% increase in the number of shooting incidents across the city (205 v. 89) as the number of shootings rose in every borough of New York.

What dumbfounds me; why the hell hasn’t Warren been thrown out of office for dereliction of duty?? Directly or indirectly, he is responsible for all te crimes in the city. It is called being complicate.

Advice to our government; don’t let the stampede get out of control like Mexico did. Now the banditos have more money and fire power than the government. We are well on our way to letting that happen. That is the mentality of the socio/democratic/lefters party on governing; it will take care of it self.

Has anyone ever seen a garden that has been left unattended for years?? It get so over grown with weeds (criminals) it is impossible to grow anything there. Helloooo. Sound familiar??

Tell me, because some time I have a hard time catching on. What the hell is the deterrent for criminals if they know there are not consequences to their crimes?? Commit the crime – arrested – in the front door and out the back in less than an hour only to re-offend. One guy I saw on the news said; shit, I committed 5 crimes in one day and they let me out again.

Another great example:

He Was Charged With 4 Bank Heists, and Freed. Then He …www.nytimes.com › bank-robber-bail-reform-nycJan 19, 2020

Then He Struck Again, Police Say. … He left the bank that day, Jan. … “I can’t believe they let me out,” he told a detective as he gathered his belongings, … By 5:35 that night, he was at the Chase Bank on Flatbush Avenue … But New York is one of the few states to abolish bail for many crimes without also …

So again I AXE Mr AG Jeff Landry; if you are one of the dealer and hold all the cards, it should be up to you on how the game is played. Start punishing the criminals as they should be and take back the country. HELLOOOO again; sounds pretty simple to me.

Jesus Christ: I keep burning my f-in hand every time I stick it in the fire. How come???

Guide to Burns: Degrees, Treatment and Prevention
31 – 32 – 33 – 65 ????? THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A BAD IDEA

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