TMC had his chance and blew it

With the whole world watching at the socio/demo convention, TMC had his chance to express his dissatisfaction with the rioting and all the turmoil that is going on in this country. But just as I would have expected, he totally eliminated the topic in his dialogue. All he was concerned with, what kind of piss poor president Trump is.

Here is a man that was supposed to be the people’s president. He was going to take the black community out of the depression they have been in, had 8 years to do it and all he had was a lot of conversation and;

but all he was concerned with was feathering his own nest.

TMC is supposed to have a lot of influence in the black community and one would think that with a few words of encouragement, for them to take a different path than they are with the Militant group BLM, would make a big difference. (I think he is a secret charter member of the group) But, all he is concerned with is his own personal interest (SEE BELOW) and his Vendetta against Donald Trump.


One of the most defeating/embarrassing/shameful/mortifying/humiliating things that has happened to TMC was; when CHC (Crooker Hilary Clinton) got stomped by Trump, after she declared she was going to follow his legacy. That alone was like a gigantic kick in TMC nuts.

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Just like he did not give two shits about the American people when he was in the driver’s seat, now, when he had an opportunity to help squelch the fires of the rioters, he totally disregarded the issue like it did not exist. If that does not peak volumes of where this character is coming from, nothing else does.

He and his socialist party want to see the social discord in the country so they can say PDT is this cause of it. TMC does not want to accept the fact that he was in the drivers seat for a lot longer than Trump has been and a better opportunity to make peace between the races, BUTT fell flat on his face.

It is beyond me how so many people can be drawn in by people like TMC – Wild Bill – J J Biden and can not see through their bull-shit facade.

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It must be like my friends the Japanese people would say: NO BODY STAYS!!

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