Just a couple deliberate omissions ….

Fox News call the DNC a circus while USA Today looks at it like a master piece.

In her speech last night, Mrs. O called J J everything BUTT a recently canonized saint. What the hell would we expect Mrs. O (TMC’s wife) to say about J J Jokin Joe, her hubbies former left hand man, except he is a great person. GMAFB.

Side thought: I wonder if that crew still eats Aunt Jemima’s pan cakes for breakfast??

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The event largely centered on COVID-19, racial justice and testimonials from Democrats – including former first lady Michelle Obama – who called former Vice President Joe Biden a man of compassion who would unite the country. The evening also featured remarks from Republicans such as former presidential candidate John Kasich who were now backing Biden. 

In her litany of compliments; she forgot to include J J is a real pain in the ass – women mauler – a do nothing politician for 47 years – a guy who is going to right all the wrongs with this country, many of which he and his ex-boss had a very big hand in creating. Even TMC says; if there is a way to fuck something up, J J will find it; or some thing like that.

Does that take balls or not?? J J is going to be the fence mender – the knight in shinning armor that rides into town on his mighty steed-ess named Kamala and turn around the the problems in this country he grossly added to it’s dysfunctionality. GMAFB!!

If nothing else, I do believe in giving credit where it is due. J J does have a big set of balls. But like most politicians, he just sits on his mountain oysters, never getting off his ass and doing anything BUTT criticize, ONLY after the fact.

How easy is it to sit back and watch, waiting for someone to make a mistake and then pounce on it?? Very easy. We call them Monday morning fortune tellers. What takes talent and demonstrates leadership is being a doer before the fact and not after the fact.


‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,’ Obama reportedly told insiders

All I have to say about this group of fools; anyone regardless of their political persuasions or who the like or dislike; that will not come out publicly, condemning what is going on in this country and tries to put the blame where it does not belong is a liar and coward.

Mrs. O wants to roll boulders at PDT?? That is OK if the name caller does not live in a 11.75 million dollar shack and throws stone at the wealthy. Should I call that hypocritical. She reminds me of Mike the Mattress Guy who wears the cross around his neck while giving he commercials, trying to appeal to all the right handers in the country.

Full of Fluff? MyPillow Ordered to Pay $1M for Bogus Ads
Where Can I Get It': Michelle Obama's 'VOTE' Necklace Goes Viral ...

She probably wanted to wear a BLM necklace, BUTT knew it would not go over big with some of the foolish honkies watching the convention. If she really cared about this future of this country, she should have worn an ALL LIVE MATTER necklace. After all, he hubby was supposed to be the president for all the people, not just a select few.

And the circus continues. Round and round it goes, where it will stop no body knows.

This election, more than any other in our history is going to set the stage for years to come. Regardless of it’s outcome, I believe; sooner or later the OTHER SIDE will get control and it will be all down hill from there. It is well on it’s way now. There can be no other outcome based on current conditions, ignorance and trends.

Who but f-in idiots would defund their police departments and condone the lawlessness that is permeating this county?? Yes, it is the same as TMC severely cutting back on military spending while our enemies were gearing up.

Wake up and smell the napalm folks.


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