This time I agree with the lefters; poor choice of words ….

NBA fires photographer over Kamala Harris meme

In all fairness, I think Billy the Baptist went a little over-board with his comment. I would have thought a man in his position would know what the consequences of a comment like that would be.

Whomever said that intelligence and common-sense went hand in hand??

Common Sense #Quote #Motivational #Inspirational #CommonSense ...

My home base with the USMC was Okinawa for a couple of years. When I first got to THE ROCK, I could not help BUTT notice the foul smell that permeated the air. The smell came from the BANJO DITCHES that ran under the wooden sidewalks that carried the human waste to holding tanks scattered all around the cities. These holding tanks were cleaned out periodically by some lucky person, getting in the pit and cleaning it out with a bucket and scoop. They were called HONEY DIPPERS.

7/20 Continued, Hana-bi at Onna Matsuri | Robingaf's Blog
Szczygiel, Figure 6

After about 2 weeks on THE ROCK, I did notice the smell anymore. Like everyone else, I went nose blind to it.

The point of the story is; the smell did not just vanish or disappear, everyone just got accustom to it.

If someone does anything stupid, not using good old common-sense, with a great deal of regularity, they become nose-dead. They get so used to their own stench, many times they are the only ones that do not smell it.

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