Who knows JJ better than TMC ….. ….

‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,’ Obama reportedly told insiders


Who better than TMC would intimately know J J (Jokin Joe). I said from the get go; J J had to have something on TMC for him to be picked for the VP chair.

Although I am a strong believer in; people are chosen by the clandestine wealthy for political offices, not because of their abilities, BUTT because they can be maneuvered and manipulated.

Just like TMC (Obama) was hand picked by some very wealthy scumbags like Soros, to turn our country into a social state. So goes JJ ( Jokin Joe) being picked because he is a WEAK SISTER and in turn he was told by the BIG BOYS to chose a black women for his running mate. Not necessary because she is qualified, BUTT black and a female. Very sad.

If the fools wanted a female to run on J J’s ticket, who better than Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard - Wikipedia
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Hawaii‘s 2nd district
Assumed office
January 3, 2013
Preceded byMazie Hirono
Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee
In office
January 22, 2013 – February 27, 2016
ChairDebbie Wasserman Schultz
Preceded byMike Honda
Succeeded byGrace Meng
Member of the Honolulu City Council
from the 6th district
In office
January 2, 2011 – August 16, 2012
Preceded byRod Tam
Succeeded byCarol Fukunaga
Member of the Hawaii House of Representatives
from the 42nd district
In office
December 2002 – December 2004
Preceded byMark Moses
Succeeded byRida Cabanilla
Personal details
BornApril 12, 1981 (age 39)
LeloaloaAmerican Samoa
Political partyDemocratic
Spouse(s)Eduardo Tamayo​(m. 2002; div. 2006)
Abraham Williams (m. 2015)
RelativesMike Gabbard (father)
EducationHawaii Pacific University (BSBA)
WebsiteHouse website
Campaign website
Military service
Allegiance United States
Branch/service United States Army
Years of service2003–present
Rank Major
Unit Hawaii Army National Guard
Battles/warsIraq War
AwardsCombat Medical Badge
Meritorious Service Medal

I may have voted for her before I would Trump. Just the what I know of this lady, She may be the common sense and the future that the Democratic party needs. The crazy bastards for the most part I really gone off the deep end

The hypocrisy and back biting in DC has to top the charts as one of the most dangerous white collar places on the planet to work. The people you think you know the best and trust the most are just the ones you need to keep a closer eye on.

Two things: Keep your eye on the hog and finger on the trigger – who need enemies with friends like that!! In some form or another, their heads are always on the chopping block like a Thanksgiving Turkey, wait to get slaughtered.

turkey on chopping block - Lauren Q Hill

I remember when I was a kid back in the 40’s and 50’s; when men were men, women were women (they both acted like it); we could trust our neighbors, families and friends; a handshake always sealed the deal. Now a day, even a document written, signed and sealed, there is not a guarantee that anything agreed upon is sacred.

TMC and J J put on a good show through the years, like they were blood brothers or some facsimile. Meanwhile they probably were constantly looking in their rear-view mirror to make sure the other was not trying to shoot them buckets.

It is very sad to me when I see how the USA especially, flushed itself down the toilet. That is comparing what was then and what is now. When that day comes, and it will, these insane bastards finally take control.

It took a couple of hundred years to build the USA into the magnificent country it used to be, and now, only a couple of decades with the wrong people at the helm, to destroy it.

Ship Of Fools Drawing by GrrrGraphics ART

There is no end in the ignorant fools in this country selling their souls and their dignity to these special interest groups. Anyone that disrespected the American flag by kneeling, no matter what the circumstances, should immediately deported to Guantanamo Bay or anther secluded island. They don’t like where they are living and will not respect our flag; GET THE FUCK OUT.

As far as J J and TMC goes, they are just run of the mill backstabbing politicians. If one of them was sinking in quick sand, the other would throw them a pallet of cement blocks. Every man for them-self!!

TMC’s quote: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” one Democrat who spoke to the former president recalled him saying. Who the hell needs enemies when you have friends like TMC.

Yeah; the same dude who has a hard-on for the wealthy, BUTT just bought a crib for 11.7 million.

Image result for Obama's new house

I wonder if J J and the family ever got an invitation for Sunday spaggs?? If so, it probably, it was a BYOB arrangement.

Live and die by the old saying; we can ALWAYS tell the quality of a person by the company they keep.

Image result for Bill Clinton and Epstein

Folks; it is bigger than all of us. Sad to say; someday the bastards will win.

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