The thugs mistake kindness for stupidity ….

Bend, Oregon activists block ICE bus, prompting federal agent response

Unless the authorities send a few of these anarchists thugs to the big protest in the sky, this nonsense will never end.

The only thing scumbags like the rioters understand is an entity that is more violent than they are.

There have been countless killings and billion of dollars in theft, vandalism and property damage inflicted by the rioters, BUTT not one rioter has been shot and killed.

Why are these degenerates as bold as they are?? Because they know the cops are on a do not to return fire orders. Sooner or later folks this THING is going to come to a head and it will not be pretty. Just like everything else that comes down the pike, the government will be blamed for it.

Has the government f-ed up in how they handled other situation in the past?? Absolutely, that is why were are in the quagmire we are now in?? Has the black community been just as, if not more responsible for the riots because of their out of control crime rate?? Yes to both.

If nothing else, we all know what the root of the problems are, now it is up to the leaders of both group to correct them. If there can not be any progress made by smoking the peace pipe, I say a deadline should be set and then send in the armed troops and do whatever it takes to settle the matter.

As I said many times before; if anyone thinks that the violent interaction between cops and crooks is ever going to end, for-get-about-it. The country is too big to have it totally under control. There has to be a combination of efforts to put out the fires. Blacks getting control their crimes – police police the police to get control of law enforcement, and the judicial system doing their jobs in prosecuting offenders on all sides.

Open my eye if you can. What the hell keeps a criminal from robbing a house if they know with 100% certainty that under any circumstances the guy on the inside will NEVER shoot them?? ZERO %.

The same thing is happening in the streets. The thugs know the chances of getting some lead shot into their miserable ass is ZERO %; what the hell would prevent them from committing their crimes. ZERO % again.

Sad to say; it GOTTA come to a head sooner or later. It does not have to be this way.

The bastards that are funding these riots want to see them continue as they have, and better yet are hoping PDT gives the order to open fire. This is 110% what their motive is, using the puppet rioters to achieve their goal of taking control of the country, then sit can them like a hot potato.

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