Perverted X-Mc D’s CEO loves to showcase his BIG MAC ……

McDonald’s accuses ex-CEO of hiding sexual relationships with employees and sending nude photos, videos

McDonald’s accused former CEO Steve Easterbrook of engaging in sexual relationships with three employees and conspiring to keep photographic and video evidence of those relationships secret in a willful violation of the company’s policies.

Ex-McDonald's CEO sued over alleged sexual relationships, nude videos

Which one of these clowns is the real clown? What would ever possesses a grown/ well educated/successful man to feel the need to put his private parts on display?? Gotta be a sickness, especially when they know, sooner or later they will get caught.

Easterbrook, a citizen of the United Kingdom, was fired last year after he admitted to having had what McDonald’s called a “non-physical, consensual relationship involving texting and video calls” with an employee. That person was not one of the three women with whom Easterbrook allegedly had sexual relationships detailed in the lawsuit.

That only happened after Easterbrook gave one of the ladies he was involved with a grant from The Mickey D Kitty worth a few hundred thousand dollar$.

Possibly it is just me that gives these super-freaks too much credit for supposedly having good common-sense and decency.

I might even speculate saying; per-capita, there are more freaks in the upper financial brackets than there are in the lower income people. The rich freaks have too much time and money on their hands and don’t know how to occupy themselves in civilized normal manner.


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