No Shit; I wonder why …..

The leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA is throwing his weight behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden – ordering his communist comrades to vote for the Democrat in November.

Bob Avakian suggested that while Biden still represents what he calls a “murderous system of capitalism-imperialism” the communist party leader still feels he is the better choice to align with their ideologies.

No Shit; I wonder why?? Is it possible the Ruskies want to get their own fox into the hen house they can control?? They ran into a brick wall with PDT; BUTT they know they can control someone like J J that is on the take and easily maneuvered.

Possibly; if J J the clown gets the check mark (God forbid) and gets elected, he can look into the possibility of getting his Bad Ass Kid Hunter a position on The Judo Guys’ oil cabinet.

Putin demonstrates black belt judo skills


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