Putting your best foot forward????? Not …….

Biden gaffes ignored by MSNBC’s prime time shows for 3 straight nightshttps://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-gaffes-ignored-by-msnbcs-primetime-shows-for-3-straight-nights

Ladies and gentlemen, you can run but you cannot hide. The man is a buffoon and has no business running for The Big Chair. 47 years at basically the same job; (47 years) and he is still trying to make it right. One would think, in those 47 years, he should have made some progress somewhere.


I forgot to mention. J J got his kid in the Navy at the age of 42, well over the age limit. Why you ask?? To try and hide him and straighten the kid out. You see, J J has been bailing his kid out all his life. The kid had to take the plank because of his cocaine use.

US Navy Kicked Out Vice President Joe Biden's Son Over Cocaine Use

What an embarrassment J J is to the democratic party, to his family and to himself.

I hope he finally figured out which lady was his wife and which was his sister. That can get a little sticky after the lights go out.

Biden Confuses Wife And Sister In Super Tuesday Speech …www.realclearpolitics.com › video › 2020/03/04 › bide…

Mar 4, 2020 – Bernie Sanders appeals to people who may forget to pay their cable bill entirely… the first group is more reliable.” David Frum · Joe Biden · Bernie ...

After all, he has been in politics so long, I guess he lost all sense of dignity like many of the of the other freeloaders do.

I said this back in 2016 when CHC got her ass kicked by The Donald.  Democratic Party was going to have four years( four years) (The Empire State Bldg. took only 14 months to complete) to come up with a suitable candidate to run against Trump and all they could scrounge up is the mumbling/bumbling J J Biden. Very sad. In all reality, not many people really want the job as POTUS, especially in these trying times.

Even in the sports world, they always put their best player/players in the game to have the upper hand and have the advantage over their opponent.

In my opinion; there is a long range/clandestine plan to get J J into office. After he is in (god forbid), someway, somehow he will be eliminated; then our VP, whomever she will be   will waltz in there and take over the reigns . Use your imagination .  

I guess we can call J J a sacrificial lamb, but he is too stupid to know it. What other possible reason would The Democratic Party stick their neck out and run such an incompetent candidate against Donald Trump if they had any intentions of winning??

The big money, the power brokers behind running J J for office, know just how incompetent he is but probably couldn’t find another fool that is willing to go to the slaughter house for THE CAUSE. Or is J J that ignorant he does not see the handwriting on the wall ?? I hope for his sake, he knows what Kevlar is. Lots of possibilities out there.  

64,000.00$ Question. Why is it only some news media covers newsworthy stories like this and other don’t?? Mysterious!!.

If and when Trump and J J have their debate, there better be an ambulance and a couple paramedics on hand to stop the bleeding.  Trump is going to rip J J apart. If we think he looks like a clown now, the circus hasn’t even started.


Joe Biden the clown caricature, color caricature drawing of Joe ...

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