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The Left has abandoned any pretext that black lives matter

by Robert Woodson  | August 06, 2020 06:00 AM

Civil rights leader Bob Woodson: The left 'abandoned all pretense ...

These examples of rampant violence and the desecration of symbols that people in the United States, black and white, have revered have revealed the true intentions of racial grievance warriors such as those in Black Lives Matter. They purport to seek racial justice, but in fact, they have appropriated the moral authority of the civil rights movement to become the face of the Democratic Party, which has doled out that legacy to a spectrum of grievance groups. In the words of Georgetown University professor Joshua Mitchell: “Black America, the secret soul of our country, has seen one group after another appropriate its moral authority to become new Democratic party vanguards: first women, then gays and lesbians, and now the transgendered. … None of these claimants wears the crown of thorns as black Americans have.”

While Black Lives Matter’s strategy is to posture their protests under the banner of assisting black people in confronting inequality, its ultimate goal is to bring down this nation, starting with its founding principles and values, and it relies on fanning the flames of grievance to fuel its agenda. The strategy is to keep black people in a state of anger, resentment, and upheaval by associating any and all disparity, from the impact of the coronavirus to horrifying tolls taken by street violence, as being caused by the invisible hand of an omnipresent, institutional racism. Though black elected officials have been responsible for the administration of the cities and towns where inequality has been festering and crises have been rising throughout the decades of their tenure, this fact does not enter into the discussions of conditions in our inner cities.

What more can I possibly add.

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